Warragul plays host to many award winning restaurants, bars, cafes and whole sale produces. The secret to their success is the amount of fresh gourmet products at their door step, and we invite you to experience the food the way we have done for years.

Take advantageof the number of wineries the area has to offer. Sample some of the local tasts and explore some fantastic country side and local history and submerge yourselves in all of West Gippsland. Download a Tour Map and start your West Gippsland Wine experience now!!

This page is dedicated to food and dinning in the local area. Throughout this list you will find local restaurants and produce shops that are open to the public most days of the week. Enjoy!


Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. weekends and public holidays
Phone: (03) 5628 1661
Address: 2330 Main Neerim Rd, Neerim South VIC 3831, Australia
Email: adariver@dcsi.net.au
Website: www.adariver.com
Ada River Vineyard

Ada River Vineyard

Ada River is a family owned boutique winery specialising in regional wines from Victoria, Australia.

Our main vineyards and winery are located in the Gippsland region east of Melbourne approx 100 km. This part of West Gippsland is elevated, cool and has fertile soils. It has a reliable summer rainfall making the area ideal for dairy farming as well as fruit and vegetable growing. The regular rainfall means irrigation is not required for grape growing allowing natural seasonal variation to be expressed in the fruit.

The slow ripening and low crop levels in the Gippsland vineyards result in wines that are elegant, have intense varietal fruit flavours and a natural cleansing acidity. Subtle use of oak allows full expression of the fruit flavours. These elegant, medium bodied wines match food very well.


Last Updated: Thursday 17th March, 2016